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Life Changing Affirmations
A 30-Day Plan for Spiritual Transformation

73 pgs

Author: Vicky Thompson

Published by

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

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“Life Changing Affirmations” Don’t let the title fool you. This is not just another positive affirmation book that leaves you dry and frustrated after you have finished the last page.

Vicky Thompson has done a spectacular job of keeping it simple. This 30-day plan for spiritual transformation is unique from others of its kind in that it challenges us to completely transform not merely grow from the old self into a new spirit filled and led productive, forgiving and nurturing members of society as well as the universe we live in.

We have lived our lives trying to become better people, but we fall short because we attempt to go it alone with out any kind of spiritual guidance. Life Changing Affirmations offers a practical way in which to discover one’s emptiness and fill it with the divine, forgiveness, grace, hope truth passion and vitality.

In just a few short pages Vicky Thompson is able to guide you into the process of this simple but life transforming plan. As you read apply and implement the pages in the book you will be able to track your progress, continue to mature, grow and then completely transform into a person desiring to become all the creator wills us to be.

If you have never experienced a power greater than yourself guiding your life or even if you have, Life Changing Affirmations can help you to develop a new or more meaningful relationship with the creator and with yourself.
I give Life Changing Affirmations 5 Stars.  Grand job Vicky Thompson!
Serenity for You All and Happy Reading!

Monty Dale Meyer (Monty’man)

Recovery Times Book Review and Commentator

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