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Making a Moral Inventory:

Includes a Step 4 Worksheet 



By Terry D.

            “Oh no, is it really time to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of myself? I can’t do this, I would have a list that’s a mile long, and it would be too hard, and take too long!!!”  This is a common response from many people in recovery.  Why is it that so many people are afraid of Step 4?  Well, I hate to admit it, but many people are afraid of completing their moral inventory.  Now, I’d like to explain why Step 4 is so important, and why there is no reason to fear completing a personal moral inventory.

            Many of us who are in recovery have spent most of our lives in the shadows of self-induced loneliness.  We would continually drown our sorrow and regret with alcohol or drugs so we wouldn’t have to face reality and the truth.  By doing a personal moral inventory, we can finally expose and reveal all the things that we’ve been hiding.  This simple fact has been explained in the Bible, and I’d like to mention an important scripture that states:  “…First wash the inside of the cup, and then the outside will become clean, too” (Matthew 23:26).  As we start to make our moral inventory, we start to “wash the inside,” and we begin to uncover the hidden aspects of our lives.  Doing a personal moral inventory is necessary for us to reveal everything about ourselves, so we can work on our character defects and shortcomings.

            When we begin to encounter the pain and sadness of completing our moral inventory, we will need encouragement, joy, and strength from the God of our understanding.  We must recognize the fact that God has the ability to help heal our pain and regret, and He cares for us while we’re on our journey towards personal growth and self-improvement.

            Personally, I believe that God desires to find people who will recognize their shortcomings as an invitation for His love and mercy.  All of our character defects, shortcomings, and inadequacies will allow room for God’s love and forgiveness to become revealed to a great extent in our lives.  As we begin to recognize that God’s love will replace our character defects, then we will have no reason to fear making our personal moral inventory.  We can instead become excited that our self-examination will bring more of God’s love and mercy into our lives.

            It is entirely possible to make a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.  We have no reason to fear because we have already been accepted and loved by the God of our understanding.  Leave no room for despair because God’s forgiveness and love is ready and waiting to replace all of the character defects and shortcomings that come out of hiding.  We have already accepted a Higher Power into our lives by the time we begin Step 4.  The God of our understanding is now the foundation on whom we can establish our new way of life.

            A very, very important passage from the Bible states: “You will know the truth and the truth will set you free” (John 8:32).  On our journey in recovery, all the steps and actions we take - that has been suggested - all lead us to personal freedom and spiritual growth.  We should all know that as we do our moral inventory, we will come to learn the truth, and that truth will truly set us free from the destruction and insanity of our past.  As we face the truth, we can finally release the weight that was heavily obstructing our whole way of life.  We can finally move forward, and positively progress as we learn and grow from our past mistakes.  Our spirit becomes renewed through this process, and we can finally let go and let God help to remove our past failures and shortcomings.  We come to notice a new light, a brilliant light that leads us on the path to victory.  We can now rise above the limitations of our past, and excel into a new realm of life, hope, and serenity.  There are so many rewards from completing our personal moral inventory.  Stay fearless and honest and you will surely reap the rewards of truth and enlightenment.

            For everyone who is ready to complete their moral inventory, I’ve designed a Step 4 Worksheet that is easy to use, and it will be a convenient way for you to list your faults, weaknesses, resentments, fears, and improper behaviors.  Please click below for a printable version of the Step 4 Worksheet.

Step 4 Worksheet

            Before completing your personal moral inventory, I strongly suggest that you read my personal Step 4 article that describes in detail all the important aspects of this particular Step.  Please click here to read about Step 4.  Remember, as you start working this Step, it is important that you stay honest, open-minded, and willing to list everything that pops in your mind.  An honest and thorough completion of this Step will truly be beneficial to your recovery.  You will surely become set free from the bondage of your past.  God Bless.  Good luck to all, and to all a good recovery.

Included Worksheet....Click Here



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