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Step 11 of Narcotics Anonymous


By Terry 



  After applying the knowledge that weíve gained from all the previous Steps, we are now ready and geared up to seek out our Higher Powerís will for our lives.  To work Step 11 in Narcotics Anonymous, we seek through prayer and meditation to strengthen our relationship with our Higher Power, and to live in accordance with His will for our lives.  For this Step to be carried out, we have to strengthen our conscious contact with God through the two options available for us to utilize: Prayer and Meditation.  By increasing our conscious contact with our Higher Power, we will acquire the essential knowledge necessary to carry out His will for our lives.  By praying for knowledge and guidance, our Higher Power will reveal to us the way we should go.  We will acquire direction, ability, understanding, and strength through increased conscious contact.

            Conscious contact means being aware, mindful, and awake to align ourselves with God, as we understand Him.  We gain all-knowing knowledge and perception of the way to truth Ė our destined path to success, happiness, and peace of mind.  To have conscious contact with God is to be alert with our inner essence.  We gain awareness and attentiveness to our chosen path to freedom.  We gain the familiarity and knowledge to live in accordance with Godís will for our lives.  When we become aware of the Light of Godís love through prayer and meditation, we become at peace with ourselves, our lifeís direction, and of our newfound life within.  To experience conscious contact brings with it a great amount of healing elements that will give us the serenity that we seek.  Our lifeís path becomes a positive, insightful, and joyous adventure.

            Our Higher Power resides within, but we acquire the knowledge of His will from our inner being, and from without.  Deep within us we find the serenity that we once thought was impossible to achieve.  Our Higher Power has been with us from the start.  He has been guiding us thus far through the Steps, and now our Higher Power desires for us to strengthen the conscious contact necessary to continue growing in our recovery, among many other things.

            Through prayer we seek God and find Him; and through meditation, we find His presence from within.  Both prayer and meditation are the suggested tools to use to succeed with improving our conscious contact with God.  Through prayer and meditation, we not only become aware of our Higher Power, but we also become alert to reality, to ourselves, and to others.  Our overall attentiveness expands to enlighten us to the direction we should follow Ė Godís will for our lives.  We experience peace, faith, love, tranquility, calmness, and a positive mindset that will lead us to the victory that we seek.  Faith and acceptance reigns.  Responsibility and accurate perception becomes a way of life.  We become more aware of our strengths and weakness.  We acquire the ability to rise above the challenges we encounter on our quest for personal freedom.  We achieve freedom in many areas of our lives, but the most important freedom that we gain, is freedom from active addiction Ė the freedom to never have to use again, even if we want to.  We seek out Godís will for our lives, and we are led to victory.  Persistence in recovery becomes a way of life, and we finally begin to enjoy and cherish all the marvelous wonders of this world.

            Through the process of Step 11, we become in connection with truth from mind, body, and spirit.  Total enlightenment transforms us into spiritual beings.  This process is achieved through prayer and meditation.  Through prayer, we communicate with our Higher Power, and we ask that His will be done, and also that He give us the power, knowledge, and ability to carry it out.  The answers will be revealed as He shows us the way.  Weíve already learned through working the previous Steps that if we become reliant on ourselves, insanity will result, which will lead us to unmanageability and total chaos.  Our Higher Power has Ultimate Knowledge, and as we tap into that source through improved conscious contact, we gain direction and life, as it should be.  As we establish an improved relationship with our Higher Power, we become God-centered, less selfish and self-seeking, and we thrive in life, and in our recovery.

            Obtaining conscious contact doesnít have to be a complicated issue.  To achieve conscious contact, we become honest and open, we pray and meditate, and we not only love ourselves, but we show love to others.  Remember, it is suggested that we keep it simple.  It can be difficult and vague to distinguish Godís will for our lives.  Knowing this, we remember the fact that our Higher Power only wants the best for our lives.  In life, we are given free will, so itís up to each of us to decide if we want to travel along the right path.  If we live in disobedience, then obtaining the knowledge of Godís will is impossible.

            Why is Godís will so vague sometimes? Well, Godís will is life and truth, and He tends to show us the direction through steps.  We show our obedience to Him by succeeding with the small tests that are always given to us.  We comply with, and respect the knowledge that is given to us.  We then will be led to great triumph.  We recognize Godís will for our lives by His voice from within, by the events in our lives, and by the experiences of others who succeed.

            By living with conscious contact, it is imperative that we take it one day at a time, and one step at a time.  To achieve the fourth step on our journey, we have to take the first three steps in faith and obedience.  And as we follow the suggestions of the program, we take the 12 Steps one Step at a time, and then weíre led to victory.  The more we are obedient to Godís will, to the direction that is shown to us, then the more weíll accomplish on our path.  To be disobedient to Godís will is to reject life.  Doing so will derail us to disaster.

            To succeed and grow in our recovery, we choose to abide by the direction that is shown to us.  If we love God by choice, then our Higher Power will show love and guidance in return.  If we set our priorities to live in accordance with Godís will, we are shown the Light of love, and the course to freedom.  So, in summary, to achieve Godís will for our lives, we stay accepting and obedient to the path revealed before us, as we continue to seek through prayer and meditation the knowledge of His will.  In due course, the Light is shown to us.  Its illuminescent radiance will show us the way to victory in our recovery.  After strengthening our conscious contact with God, and seeking out the knowledge to live in accordance with His will, we are ready to continue on to the last Step on Narcotics Anonymous. 

  Thank you, my name is Terry, and I am an addict.



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