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Step 9 of Narcotics Anonymous


By Terry 




  After acquiring willingness to make the necessary amends from our list in Step 8 of NA, we are now prepared for the action Step.  In Step 9 of NA, we make amends to all persons we had harmed, with the exception of injuring others or ourselves.  The objective of this Step is to repair the damages of our past wrongs.  It should be our intention to resolve the disturbances that we encounter.  This act of restoration will eliminate our regretful feelings.  The faults of our past are now brought to light for the healing process to take place.  No longer does shame and dishonor have to inhibit our forward growth.


            We should approach our amends with a confident and assured attitude because we deserve the many rewards to come.  We ought to take our time while making our amends.  We are on our way to a sense of “normality.”  We become excited with our progress, and our conscience becomes cleansed of remorse and guilt.


            We will experience various feelings as we start making amends.  We may feel comfortable with some amends, and fearful of others.  If we face our amends anticipating refusal or reprisal, then this experience won’t be of benefit to us.  We may be fearful, but it should always be our intention to be prepared for whatever outcome may result – fearlessly.  A lot of our amends may never be totally completed; however, we should strive with an attempt at complete restoration.  With our relationships, we must exert vigor on a continual basis to better improve them; only then will many of our amends really have affect.


            Many members in the Fellowship are not able to repair each and every one or our wrongs.  We do have added support from our sponsors, from supporters of our recovery, and from the love of our Higher Power to safeguard us from potential ruinous fallouts.  In actuality, we still grow through the course of action, and in the end, we become grateful that we made the amends.  We always wear the shield that our Higher Power equips us with, in which we can make use of at any point in time during our amends process.


            This act of making amends is one of humility, and it’s rewarding for many reasons.  We learn to act with love and respect in our relationships, and in dealings with other people.  We become much less self-seeking in nature, and start to become attentive and care about other people’s feelings.  Our behavior is uncovering itself, giving us an added occasion to further reinforce our values and personality.  We get to start working on our behaviors with other people, which give us an opportune time to reinforce our newfound sincerity, trustworthiness, and reliability.  Good times begin to overshadow the downbeat occurrences of our past.  Now we get the opportunity to work on ourselves, and also with family and friends, the Fellowship, and society as a whole.  Stability is therefore established in our lives.  We are now obtaining the moral framework vital for a life of achievement and fulfillment.


            Through making our amends, a great amount of spiritual growth shines forth.  We start to view our circumstances and lives differently, while becoming aware of our wrongdoings.  We admit our faults that bring us a lasting harmony.  We become less self-absorbed.  This Step has tremendous impact on our spiritual quest.  We learn humbleness, and to be openly straightforward.  We become released from the chains that confined us to our wrongs.  Freedom results, and we have at last concluded another crucial aspect in our recovery.


            The tools that we’ve gained while working the Steps have given us hope, strength, and the knowledge necessary to live a blissful, thriving existence.  Our entire moral filament has intensified into one of integrity and virtuous values.  We can now live uninhibited by the failures and impurities of our past.  A whole alteration of disposition has occurred.  We’ve learned the key principles necessary to stay on the right track leading to personal advancement, positive change, enhanced alertness, and spiritual illumination.


            I’ve personally learned through this Step working experience that once my mind becomes clarified, inspired, and optimistically ambitious, then I can bravely initiate the process of indisputable personal victory.  By surrendering my will to the Divine Essence, I acquire might and courage – the vital ingredients to reclaim self-confidence, sense of worth, and the motivating force needed to escalate beyond restricting horizons.  I can now distinguish my true, unconstrained essence within; and by following my new inner voice, while seeking the strength of my Higher Power, I can lock onto true understanding, thereby becoming able to achieve success.


            Through the process of Step 9, we release the binding agents that hinder true personal growth.  We purge ourselves of further harmful elements that could restrict our advancement.  We are on our way to a life bursting of endless opportunities, and we’ve acquired the fundamental skills needed to achieve victory in all aspects of our lives.  We now utilize the Spiritual Principles that we’ve learned, while remaining confident in their ability to assist us in our daily affairs.  We become appreciative of all the awareness, strength, and knowledge that we’ve thus far attained while working the 12 Steps.  Thank you, my name is Terry, and I am an addict. 



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