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Step 6 of Narcotics Anonymous


By Terry 




  After coming to believe that a Higher Power could restore us to sanity, while we surrendered our will over to the care of God as we understood Him, we then wrote a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.  Next, we admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.  Now we are ready to move on to Step 6 of NA by becoming entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.  The process of Step 6 requires us to learn how to be faithful and trusting towards our Higher Power.  We start the process of humbling ourselves, and to trust that God will give us the guidance, knowledge, and ability to act according to His will, so we will no longer have to live amidst the defects of our past.


            By being faithful that God will remove our defects of character, our inner spirit and true essence becomes competent to receive the divine treasures that God will provide us to help us rise above the perils that plague us.  The negative, chaotic behaviors of our past will be replaced with the life-giving force of actively applying the Spiritual Principles associated within the 12 Steps.  By becoming faithful and humble, we are now able to apply key principles that will allow the positive growth process of recovery to commence, which will include honesty, acceptance, hope, courage, perseverance, open-mindedness, God-centeredness, vigilance, self-discipline, patience, selflessness, positive thinking, tolerance, trust, and gratitude.  All of those Spiritual Principles are now open to us as we begin working Step 6 of NA.


            As we become accepting and humble by becoming entirely ready to have God remove our defects of character, we learn that patience is a virtue.  Gradually, we become open-minded, and willing to apply Spiritual Principles to our daily lives.  As we learn to live in humility, and to become vigilant and honest in our daily endeavors, positive change transforms us into whole, spiritual beings.  No longer does a negative mindset have to control us and hinder our forward progress.  A new sense of hope and courage propels us forward, and we obtain the direction that we need to live anew, to continuously move onward in our recovery, and to attain the spiritual enlightenment that we seek.


            To attain victory, it is essential that we uphold a sharp, relentless focus on our goal.  Being complete and bursting of goodness while straying from mayhem, deceit, arrogance, self-indulgence, egotistical desires, resentment, and edginess will result in the execution of our ambitions.  Absorbing all awareness, helpful criticism, counsel, suggestions, virtuous motivations, while always considering the genuineness from our voice within will ensure our safe and sound means of access along the road to recovery.  When difficulties on your path arise, examine all facets of the assessment watchfully to ensure an action of triumph.


            Abiding in patience and faith, while working the 6th Step, will ensure us a complete release of our defects of character.  Our attentiveness should be focused upon a strong and confident mindset toward God, and God’s will for us.  Then, as we move on to Step 7, our faith and confidence in the ability of our Higher Power will be strong and firm.  We will be better able to allow the process of true positive change and transformation to occur.  We continue to see the wonders of this program, and we become open and willing to allow this process to occur in our own recovery.


            As we diligently seek for truth, and the ability to rise above our addiction, we learn what is required of us if we wish to achieve greatness on our journey.  The serenity that we all wish for becomes possible for us to achieve.  We learn to abide by the proven suggestions, and to live in accordance with the Spiritual Principles involved with working the 12 Steps.  We take action to the suggestions offered, while keeping it simple, and working the Steps one day at a time.  Our newfound, enlivened spirit shines forth, we gain integrity, and strength of character, and we’ve learned to accept and let go of the things that we cannot change.  We persevere on our journey, and an endless amount of opportunities are presented to us.  Life becomes a fulfilling adventure, instead of a demoralizing, chaotic, and out of control existence that we all faced in our active addiction.  Recovery becomes a way of life, and we become grateful of the immense amount of positive change that transpired on our path.


            Step 6 of Narcotics Anonymous must be applied if we desire the removal of our character defects that take place in Step 7.  Awareness and knowledge of the tools provided to us through applying the Spiritual Principles will help to get us ready for the removal of our character deficiencies.  We pursue the positive motivations of our conscience, while maintaining a steadfast determination to abide in truth, as we live each day.  We refuse to allow negative thoughts, or corrupt desires to intrude upon our newfound strength of character.  Then we steady ourselves to live in the direction that our Higher Power reveals to us.  The character defects of our past no longer have to obstruct our onward growth.  Limitless positive change and development can now be ours as we move on to Step 7 of Narcotics Anonymous.  Thank you, my name is Terry, and I am an addict. 



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