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Real Recovery in My Backyard

A small highway sign along I-71 between Cincinnati and Louisville takes me back to America's deadliest accident involving a drunk driver. In May of 1988, an out-of-control pickup truck crossed the median, striking a church bus near Carrollton, sparking a fiery explosion that killed 27 people. Most of them were teenagers returning home from a fun day at Kings Island.

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The 12 Step Cafe and Recovery Crossroads Unite!
by: Tom Sumner

Incredible! That is just what it is. Recovery just gets better and better every day! Our lives together in this journey to a sanity that we have never known just can't keep getting better can it? Well it does! Recovery Crossroads is proud to announce that along with the multitude of offerings folks will now find a place to meet and chat they can call home. The well known 12 Step Cafe will be the signature trademark of Recovery Chat for Recovery Crossroads and the many websites who have unified to help carry the message of Recovery.

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Culinary Camaraderie
In The Sober Kitchen
by Tom Sumner

Recovery Times has been blessed with many folks in Recovery who have and still share their experience, strength, and hope with you. We once again have been blessed with another new face to Recovery Times but not to Recovery, none other than the award winning Chef Liz, the author of "The Sober Kitchen". This project was inspired by our own muse writer Nan of "The Muse Papers" when an email conversation between Nan and myself resulted in an endeavor to take on a project for Recovery Times that would allow us to share recipes that were submitted by others in Recovery. During the research of this project we were enlightened by none other than Chef Liz who graciously decided to join us and donate her wisdom and wonderful culinary knowledge to a monthly column at Recovery Times as well as answer questions and comments from our readers in the Culinary Clipboard.

I can't tell you how excited I am to have this new project
debut here today and encourage each and every one of you to hop on board for the real good eats. I think Chef Liz can explain the importance of this endeavor the best with her opening column.

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The American Red Cross. Thousands of people are suffering from the devastation and are in need of water, food, shelter and medical care today, as well as help coping with what promises to be a massive long-term recovery effort.

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Network for Good, a nonprofit organization that connects individuals with their favorite charities. networkforgood.org

Recovery Communities

At Recovery Crossroads you will find multiple Recovery Websites have joined forces to bring you the best that Online Recovery can offer!
Take a moment to Register as it is completely free!

Here you will find multiple forums, your very own BLOG! Access to the Take 12 Recovery Radio Show, multiple articles, audio clips, step studies, big book with audio, chat rooms, and much much more! Feel free to browse through all the different websites and join in the numerous discussion forums that have been setup just for you.

If you have a Recovery Website and would like your website to join Recovery Crossroads just let us know. We all need each other in Recovery.
We would love to have anyone who wishes to volunteer to moderate a forum. You name the forum and we will set it up if you will commit to the service work.



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"A.A. History Bookstore Opens!"

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"A Happy Life "

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Recovery Times Newspaper / Magazine for those seeking the fellowship from others like them. Recovery Times has current and unique articles, columns,and interactive crossword.
This issue:
"Emperors New Clothes"

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The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible
The Good Book and The Big Book: A.A.'s Roots in the Bible

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