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The 12 Step Cafe and Recovery Crossroads Unite!

by Tom Sumner

  Incredible! That is just what it is. Recovery just gets better and better every day! Our lives together in this journey to a sanity that we have never known just can't keep getting better can it? Well it does! Recovery Crossroads is proud to announce that along with the multitude of offerings folks will now find a place to meet and chat they can call home. The well known 12 Step Cafe will be the signature trademark of Recovery Chat for Recovery Crossroads and the many websites who have unified to help carry the message of Recovery.

  Recovery Crossroads is a growing community of Recovery websites that is expanding at a rapid pace. It is without a doubt an honor to see The 12 Step Cafe join in the unified fellowship to help carry the message and to be the website that will doorway it's recovery chat rooms to the many websites who have joined hands. Membership is growing and the enthusiasm is exploding at the Crossroads.

  Take a moment and visit Recovery Crossroads to decide for yourself. After a brief look around go ahead and join us for a short visit or move right in and make us your home. I don't think you will find a better group of friends in this world than those who share our same sufferings and triumphs of another day clean and sober. We encourage you to stop in and to certainly share with your friends about the new concept of Recovery Websites joining forces to beat down this dreaded disease One Day at a Time.

  Grab a cup of java, a comfy seat by the monitor and join in today….

Click here to start your exploration.





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